Anti-IMF Izmir is a coming-together in Izmir against IMF and World Bank meeting on 6-7 October, Istanbul.

IMF and World Bank ,which impose their policies, and force people to starvation, migration and poverty everywhere on this planet, are the apparatus of exploitation for the benefit of bosses.

Exploitation is not only about economics, it is also a form of domination. Domination formed either by money, by arms or by whatever it is, the only real aim for the bosses is the continuation of their authority.

That’s why we don’t think IMF , World Bank ,World Trade Organisation , NATO , corporations and states seperate, since they always regenerate power relations to maintain the survival of this exploitation system.

Anti-IMF Izmir, which is against every form of power relations created by all these authority-military institutions, is anti-authoritarian and anti-hierarchical.

We, now coming together to block IMF and World Bank meeting in Istanbul, will continue our struggle till the abolishment of all power apparatus and capitalism.

We are carrying a new world here, in our hearts.
And that world is growing this minute.

Anti-IMF Izmir