Organized crime is meeting:

IMF and World Bank, on 6-7 October, in İstanbul.

This 13000 men-robber organization made of corporations, states and NGO’s, will try to make decisions in order to grab the life of everything on this world.

Wherever IMF and World Bank come on stage and impose “austerity measures” or “structural adjustment programs”, there is nothing they bring other than poverty and starvation.

What they always decide are the assaults to us, to our future and at the moment to our freedom.

IMF and World Bank deterritorialize (make masses homeless) with the deceit of urban regeneration. By leaving people to hunger and deprivation, they force millions to migration. By grabbing water and all other natural resources, they make them commodities. When people resist, IMF and World Bank either bomb with the hand of NATO or try to “align” people by the arms of junta.

IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization, NATO: on one hand steals, on the other, kills.

When the bosses are making plans to grab our lives; we are coming together to speak what we can do in İzmir and İstanbul till the meeting. we gather to break the plan of these robbers.

Let’s stop together this organized explotation group which is meeting to make us slaves of corporations and to rape the soil that we are living.

Before they grabbed our lives
We arm our dreams.